Change Telephone Numbers

For mass modification of telephone numbers from the console of server NW6.5 need prepare file sys:a.cvs in this format:

If using Russian (CP1251):


if using English:

"Koltogyan Sergey Rubenovich";"1300"

"Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich";"0001"


If you prepare this file in CP1251 - all will work without any changes, if prepared in English, you need correct string 95:

Line 95 was:

Line 95 change to:
# from_to($lnameutf,"cp1251","utf-8");

This Steps for use scripts:
  1. Copy to the sys:\perl\scripts\

  • Create folder: sys:\results\chngtlph

  • Create empty file: sys:\results\chngtlh\chngtlh.log

  • Modify script for Your Environment:

LINE 28:
Insert ipaddress your server where your will be run
(on this server LDAP)

LINE 33:

$ADMIN = "cn=admin,o=org";

Insert user name. Under this user script will be login to the LDAP(edir) and will search users and put telephone number from the sys:\a.csv

This user must have rights for this.

A simple way - use admin account

LINE 31:

$PASSWD = 'password';

password user

LINE 32:

$BASEDN ="o=org";

From this container and below script will be searched.

5. prepare and copy file a.csv to the sys:a.csv

How to run script:

From the server console run this string:

perl sys:\perl\scripts\

What does it does:

  • Open for read file sys:\a.csv

  • Reads this file string by string

  • For every string, search:

    example, for string:

    "Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich";"0001"

    search in the edir from the o=org user object which has in the field "Full Name": "Putin Vladimir"

    If found - write new telephone number: 0001

    If not found -

    write info about this error in to the log-file:



    read other string

You can easily change the script as needed.

Do not forget LINE 95.

edir stores information in the UTF-8.

For records in Russian (prepared in Windows) it is important

* Thanks, Iain McLaren, for example use of PERL-script:


P.S.: I know of JRB-utilities.

It is a variant free-of-charge and it is more convenient for me that I can work directly on the console of a server, without a workstation.


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