When installing a font using a ZENworks snapshot the font isn't automatically registered in the available font list. This normally requires a reboot. Using addfont in the post-distribution script will register the font in windows, so your users can use it without reboot.

_Installation Instructions_

This utility consists of a single executable file, which runs as a console application under Windows NT.
Unzip the archive that this software was delivered in, and place the ADDFONT.EXE file in a directory of your choice.

_Usage Instructions_

ADDFONT FontFile FontDescription


The above command would add the TAHOMA.TTF font to the machine.
Note that the TAHMOA.TTF file must be present in the WINNT\FONTS directory before executing this command.

"" can be used around any input parameters.

_Usage Prerequisites_

The font file must already be present in the WINNT\FONTS directory.

_How Does it Work?_

The AddFont Command uses the Shell API function "AddFontResource" to add the supplied font to the Windows Font Table. It then Sends a WM_FONTCHANGE message to all top level windows that are open on the machine, and writes the required font information to the registry so that the font will be found after reboot.

_What can I use this for?_

This executable can be used to add fonts on the fly to a machine.

Windows will normally perform the tasks that this program performs automatically when a user copies a font file to the FONTS directory.

However, when the font file is copied in the SYSTEM context, or the explorer shell is disabled in some way, this registration never occurs.

It is in these situations that this utility should be used to ensure the correct registration of the font.

_Registration Information_

This software is free for all types of use.

_Version Information_ - 02/01/99 - Release Version

Note: This tool was sent in by Cool Reader, Marcel de Roode, and published by permission of Magnum Imperium provided it is made clear that no support is available for the tool any longer. The company has ceased to trade and their website may cease to exist.


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