CPUMon 1.1


Server CPU Monitor version 1.02 will monitor CPU utilization on Novell NetWare servers. You can specify a server at launch time or in a shortcut. Syntax: Server CPU . You may use this product on a single server free of charge. For use on more than one server concurrently, you must register this product. To register, send an email to John Lebert jlebert@uswest.net

I have monitored up to 30 servers with this program. With the program minimized, the servername and current CPU utilization appear in the Windows Taskbar.

While CPU utilization of NetWare 4.x and 5.x servers will often go to 100%, most NLMs are designed to relinquish the CPU if needed by another process. Sustained levels of high CPU utilization may indicate the need to further investigate the cause.

If you need to track and trend CPU utilizations on a single or multiple servers, CPU List will accomplish this.



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