TCP Forwarder


Simple IP forwarder for NetWare. Does a forward of IP packets from source to specified destination. Performs a NAT. Can be used in a chain of connections.

Runs on NW4.x, 5.x and 6.x servers

It has been developed to overcome some obstacles in BMEE whith static TCP fowarding. Port 25, 21 and others for example cannot be statically forwarded because they are considered being reserved ports. IP_fwd.nlm allows to configure this independantly from BMEE.

Example: GWIA inside and only one public IP address

IP_fwd.nlm can be used on the BMEE server to statically forward traffic from the public IP on port 25 to the internal GWIA at port 25

IP_fwd.nlm works in two modes, Normal and HighPerformance. Normal handles more than one connection per thread. High Performance provides each connection with its own thread. In most cases or for Mail forwarding Normal is sufficient

The EVAL version is limited to 2 concurrent connections only. FULL (time-limited) licenses can be generated.

For free full license please contact:

Usage ... see the included readme.txt for more information on how to use.


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