PCID Utility v1.8


Included is the documentation and the floppy images as well as the actual ISO image of the PCID CD.

PCID was developed by Novell as an internal tool for IS, Test Groups, and Lab Managers to greatly improve the time it takes to connect computers to various NetWare, Linux, and Windows servers from DOS. Anyone who has tried to image a computer from an image server, perform an over the wire install of an OS, copy data off of a hard drive when the Operating System has crashed, etc. knows that loading the proper network client and Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers in DOS can be a very time consuming and difficult process. PCID simplifies this process by detecting the NIC through PCI bus scanning calls and then loading the appropriate driver. In short, you do not need to know what is in the computer to connect it to a network.

PCID automates the discovery of the NIC or NICs in the computer, reports the Manufacturer, Model Number and Model Name, and even loads the appropriate driver without any user intervention. With PCID you can customize your own boot disk that will get any computer onto the network using either the IPX or IP protocol stacks and either the NetWare 16-bit, NetWare 32-bit, or LANMAN clients.

See this article for additional information.


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