This utility has been developed to address two issues:

  1. We have seen in certain situations the Login Time Restriction setting did NOT change with the time of Daylight Savings. This caused the restriction to be "off" by an hour.
  2. A Login Time Restriction setting was not assigned to the User Template object so users created are not restricted. At a later time when this security measure needs to be enforced, there is no easy way to globally change that attribute for all user objects. The Novell-supplied utility does not allow you to make global NDS attribute changes (that can walk-down a tree-branch).

With NDSTime, you can easily lookup and edit a single user's Login Time Restriction, or globally assign the same Login Time Restriction to all users throughout your NDS tree. The use of wild card ("*") and recursing into sub-containers is supported.

This utility is designed to be command-line based, therefore, there is not much user-interface or fancy menu prompts is built into the utility.

NDSTime has been tested with NetWare 4.10 and higher, including NetWare 6. NetWare 5 certified.

See NDSTIME1.HTM enclosed in the ZIP file for detailed information about NDSTime.



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