Disk Triage 8.1.5


Disk Triage will tell you the Who, What, Where, When & Why about your disk space!

Who is using your disk space - analysis by file owner

What it is made up of - analysis by file extensions and types

Where it is at - which directories

When - analysis by the age of your files

Why - if you have disk space - users will use it - it is your task to manage it!

Disk Triage provides enterprise level scanning of your disk space, presenting the gathered information using a variety of powerful tree views, graphs, reports and exports.


  • Help you ensure you will always have sufficient open drive space to satisfy user needs

  • Provide empirical data to support the decision to acquire or not acquire additional disk space

  • Provide important information you need to plan and budget storage space requirements

  • Reduce disk usage to minimize backup size, loads and times

  • Easily identify specific users, file types and directories that consume inordinate amounts off drive space

  • Reduce security and copyright risks by identifying files that may violate copyright laws such as MP3s, etc.

Primary Features

  • Multi Scan Charting facility to see how your disk space usage has changed over time

  • Visual Sizing Comparison to see exactly how disk space usage has changed between two points in time

  • Ability to save scan information to Database and XML

  • Ability to scan and analyze FTP servers as if they were local disk space

  • Customizable Graphs & Reports - which can be exported to PDF, RTF, HTML, and many other formats

  • Analysis by File Size, Attr, Dates, Times, Types, Extensions, Owner, Name Size, Top "10" Lists

All in all - no other utility provides as much information about the contents of your disk space as Disk Triage does!


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