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Important Note: This work is based extensively on excellent work by Michael Dunn and Matthijs Hollemans published at The Code Project

As long as I can remember, NetWare has possessed great capabilities for preventing users from running amok on its file systems by easily allowing admins to restrict volume space by user. But from the user's perspective, the only way we have been able to find to allow them to effectively view and/or manage the files they own is through NDIR. Nowadays, this is a stretch for most. So this .dll implements the Windows Explorer COM extensions required to support an additional context menu entry and (Windows 2K only) column displays wired to eDirectory. Using it, users can easily view the owners of files in NetWare folders and 'filter' a Windows Explorer search result to include only files they own.

To install, place the .dll in a convenient spot and register it with regsvr32 [qualifiers] [path]ShellOwnedFiles.dll. Tested on NetWare 5 and 6/Client 4.8 on Windows 2000 only. Beware of performance implications for large/and or remote folders. There is no graceful way to stop the filtering of large search results. Code is smart enough to ignore non NetWare folders. Language is not configurable; currently supports English only (sorry).

Use instructions are included in the enclosed ReadMe.html.


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