This release is for client 4.9 and 4.91, English only. Also now has the ZENworks 6.5 debug registry keys supported.

With the release of ZENworks for Desktops (ZfD) 4.0, Novell removed the client configuration policy which had been present in ZENworks up to that point. ZfD 4.0 did not require the client to work (if you deploy Mid-Tier servers), but for those people who want to retain the client for its ease of use and performance benefits, ZfD did not provide an easy way to send updates to the Client.

Automatic Client Update (ACU) is a good way to deploy the Client in the first place, but it's overkill for small changes, and the management tool, NCIMAN does not always have all of the latest settings which come with Support Packs and patches.

The best alternative was to look at using Extensible Policies (for Windows NT), or Group Policies (for Windows 2000/XP). However, the Administrative Templates (ADM files) for the Novell Client have not been updated for some time (since 2000 in fact!) and so there are many features missing.

The Technical Subscriptions team, the nice people who produce:

I wanted to be able to provide the ADM files, and so here they are!

See readme.txt for update history.

Version 3.D 12 July 2008

  • Fixes: Corrected "ConsoleOne policy utility logging" and split "Agent Logging" into two policies.

Thanks to Jeff Phillips for pointing out the errors: sorry it's taken me so long to update this, Jeff!

Version 3.c 27 December 2007

  • Added "Unlock Workstation Credentials" to Advanced Login

  • Added "Force Grace Login Password Change" to Advanced Login (moving it from "Keys not settable via Client Properties")

  • Added "Search Alias Objects" to LDAP Contextless login

  • Added "Search all Scopes" to LDAP Contextless login

  • Added "File Caching on exclusively opened files" to Advanced Settings

  • Added "IP Address Cost Timeout" to Advanced Settings (moving it from "Keys not settable via Client Properties")

  • Added "Disable Login without Novell's GINA" to Advanced Login

  • Added "Enable NWGINA Debug Logging" to "Keys not settable via Client Properties"

  • Added "Disable Auto Admin Contextless Lookup" to "Keys not settable via Client Properties"

  • Added "802.1X" tab to default location profile

  • Added Fields for 802.1X authentication to "Disable GUI Fields"

Version 3.B 19 February 2007

  • Corrected Key for "Use UTF8 encoding and NCPs"

Version 3.A 18 January 2007

  • Corrected registry name in "Hide Tree Box"

Version 3.9 - 3 Jan 2007

  • Added Hide "Security" option in Remote Control

  • Added Use User's Rights when adding NDPS printers

  • Fixes: Corrected spacing in "Location Profile" keys

  • Fixes: Corrected typo in "Apply Policies Synchronously"

Version 3.8 - 11 October 2006


  • Added Stop contextless login search after first match in a scope

  • Added Disable "Change your Windows password to match your NetWare password"

  • Added Disable buttons on the NetWare Security dialog

  • Added SLP with OpenSLP Directory Agent over SLPv2

  • Added Use Domain/DNS name in source path

  • Added Wait for Workstation Helper Timeout

  • Added Store Personal Folder Information

  • Added Force NumLock to match during Remote Control

  • Added Save DLU Binary Data

  • Added Passive Mode Retry Settings

  • Added Workstation Helper Timings

  • Added Do not enforce DLU restrictions on unregistered workstations

  • Added Set Preferred Connection registry key

  • Added Disable Preferred Connection

  • Corrected Set Last Used Profile

Note: From version 3.8 onwards, I will no longer be updating the 4.9 ADM file or the extendible policy, only the ADM for 4.91.
Please let me know if this causes inconvenience.

I'd like to offer a special vote of thanks to Tony Pedretti, for making most of the suggestions, and for nagging me until I found the time to do the revisions.

Version 3.7 - 08 May 2006

Fixes: SLP Port added to 4.91 template (was previously only added to 4.9, d'oh!)

Version 3.6 08 May 2006

Additions: Added Login Banner, IP Cost timeout

Version 3.5 January 2006

Additions: Added Set Last Used Profile, Enable Profile User Directory, NAL Single Use Tree

Added Disable GUI Login Fields, Force Password Change, Enable Challenge/Response Administration

Added Disable Forgotten Password Prompt

Fixes: removed redundant space from "Remember WS Only"


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