Moving and Resubmitting NDPS Print Jobs


By Bryan Keadle

We had an NDPS printer having problems. I went to it's spool location and moved the files out (37A*.1) till I could resolve the issue with the printer...thinking that one of the jobs may be causing the issue. Once the printer was back online, I thought I could just drop the files back into this directory, and the printer would then process the jobs. This isn't the case. Here's how you "resubmit" these jobs (files) so that they will print:

First, to move the NDPS jobs out of the queue, go to the NDPS Manager console, select the printer, and go to the Information: menu item to identify the Job Spool Location:

Browse to this directory location and move these files to a local directory to remove them from the queue (in this case, files were 37A*.1).

These files are already "printer formatted"...ready to be processed by the printer, so you can't just "re-print" them; you need to be able to re-submit them to the NDPS Manager in their "raw form". To do this, you need to iCapture the printer to your LPT1: port. Here's how you do that:

First, you must install the printer as an iPrint printer.

Next, launch the iPrint Client shortcut:

From the Novell iPrinter Client - Settings window, go to the iCapture tab, select LPT1, press the Select Printer button, and select the printer you're working with:

Now, you need to copy the "job files" you moved out, to LPT1, *one at a time*. Here's the quick way to do that:

Go to a DOS prompt, and change to the directory where you moved the job files to.

Type this command to copy each file to the LPT1: port:

for /F %a in ('dir 37A*.1 /b') do copy %a LPT1

This command does a bare directory listing (/b) of all 37A*.1 files, and for each file found, copies the file to LPT1.

Voila, the jobs are resubmitted to the queue and printed.


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