Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1 Now Available!

If you've got customers waiting for the first service pack to deploy Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, now's the time to drive that upgrade business. With the newly available Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1, you can offer them the server virtualization, Dynamic Storage Technology and other innovative capabilities from the initial release, as well as the following new features designed to increase simplicity and interoperability.

> Domain Services for Windows, enabling secure cross-authentication between eDirectory and Active Directory
> Support for Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), delivering streamlined interoperability with Windows and Mac clients
> iFolder 3.7, supporting groups and multiple iFolders, with enhanced clients for Mac and Linux
> 64-bit eDirectory
> An integrated GUI to streamline upgrades from NetWare to Linux

For More Information...
The product press release (available at is a powerful tool to use in discussions with any customer considering a migration from Open Enterprise Server to Windows. Note that it includes a quote from Microsoft, emphasizing the benefits Domain Services for Windows offers to joint Novell/Microsoft customers. In addition to the press release, you can access the following updated sales enablers at the following locations:

Product Flash Demo:
Product Podcast:
Customer Slide Deck:
“Novell Open Enterprise Server vs. Windows Server” Technical White Paper: Migration White Paper_en.pdf
Connection Magazine Article on Domain Services for Windows:
Connection Magazine Article on CIFS/AFP Support:
Connection Magazine Article on Integrated GUI for Migration Tools: Coming in December issue at

To Access Sales Training Resources...
Please visit to register for the Workgroup Wednesdays Webcast, featuring Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1, to be held December 10 at 11:00 a.m. US EDT. You can also listen to the recent product sales training webcast at

Finally, as Open Enterprise Server is a critical part of Novell's collaboration solution, we encourage you to review the new collaboration-level sales training available at This training will be supplemented with Open Enterprise Server product-level materials in early January.

Since many organizations view the first service pack as a critical milestone for deployment, customer anticipation for this product is high. We look forward to supporting you in a successful 2009 with Open Enterprise Server 2 SP1.


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