What's New in iPrint for Open Enterprise Server 2018?


It’s 2018, and there’s a new version of Open Enterprise Server available, complete with some exciting, new features like a unified update channel for all patches (including the SUSE Linux patches) as well as a new way to determine “cold data” and move it lower-cost storage options.  And in conjunction with the release of OES 2018—there’s also a new update to iPrint as well.  Is there anything new in this version of iPrint for OES?  Why should you make sure you’ve upgraded to it?

As many of you know, there have been two main ways to deploy iPrint—either in conjunction with OES or as a stand-alone, virtual appliance.  There are still benefits to each way of deploying these—but the gap between the feature sets is slowly narrowing.  The latest version: iPrint for OES 2018 almost bridges the gap entirely.

Just for a refresher, here is a quick recap on some of the features that are included with iPrint for OES.  Yes—these aren’t the “NEW” feature of this release, but it’s worth pointing out some of the highlights of iPrint for OES in general:

    • WalkUp Printing: Save costs, while creating convenience to release jobs on any printer.


    • Mobile-Ready: Micro Focus iPrint for OES is ready to process jobs from mobile devices. You still need to pay for this ability to enable it though—but you don’t need the virtual appliance anymore.


    • Chromebook Support: Micro Focus iPrint clients on Chromebook is supported with Micro Focus iPrint for OES.


    • Policy-based purge: Automatically purge the files in the salvage system based on policies. The policies today can be based on time or file extension or a combination of both.


    • Email Print: Users can send an email to the printer to print with a Global mail ID or private mail ID for printers.


    • Cluster-aware: All features from Micro Focus iPrint for OES are cluster aware and will work with your Micro Focus iPrint resources on a cluster. Admins can deploy Micro Focus iPrint for OES on top of OES Clustering services without a problem.

Now—let’s see what iPrint for OES 2018 added to the mix!  With iPrint for OES 2018 you now enjoy the following:

    • Print without a client, without installing printers (QuickPrint): Users just need a web browser to upload documents/images to be printed. These printers can also provide authentication and can hold on to documents for a manual release.


    • Flexibility to hide printers (Print Portal): Allows administrators to control the visibility of printers listed for end-users.


    • Ability to use “badge printing”: Users can release walk-up printing jobs with the use of a badge scanner for greater security and print job tracking.


    • A new printer install page (Print Portal): The default IPP page has been replaced with a new print portal page. This page brings in newer capabilities in terms of search and tagging printers for a better end-user experience. If you liked the IPP page instead, you can restore it too.


    • Manage multiple print servers from one Micro Focus iPrint console page (Micro Focus iPrint Console): Admins can manage multiple Micro Focus iPrint for OES deployed servers from a single page, saving valuable time when administering Micro Focus iPrint.


For those wanting an Apple AirPrint certified solution, you’ll still have to use virtual appliance version of iPrint.  This is also true with the use of a remote renderer.  Those two features are still only available in the virtual appliance.  However, those are about the only two features that aren’t available in iPrint for OES.

OES administrators who only used the version of iPrint included with OES should rejoice.  Almost all the features of the iPrint virtual appliance (iPrint 3.1) are now available to them without having to install and manage another machine. Be sure to watch the community technical webinar about what's new in iPrint as well for further details and demonstrations of some of the features and capabilities!

Overall, the improvements and push to reduce the disparities between the versions of Open Enterprise Server is quite encouraging.  Open Enterprise Server continues to deliver great value and lower TCO while providing enterprise-grade file, print, and storage services to organizations across the globe!



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