Target Platform: Linux (SLES, SLED, OES Linux)

This tool imports trusted root certificate from eDirectory into local key store which is required by some of the iManager plugins to communicate over secure channel. This tool is specially targeted to Linux platform. For the similar tool on Windows refer to ImportCert located here.

Some of the iManager plugins of Novell Secure Login such as pcProx, Secure Workstation depend upon SSL to connect to eDirectory. This requires server certificate to be imported into the local java key store which is then used by iManager. Also this tool can be used for any of the iManager plugins which rely on SSL communication to eDirectory.

This tool automates the manual steps for importing certificate mentioned in this link.

Building and Running this application

The project zip file contains entire source code along with required headers and library files.

  • Extract the project files to /ImportCertLinux folder

  • Move to /ImportCertLinux/src directory.

  • Now type "make" to build it. Binary file "ImportCertLinux" will be created in the same directory.

  • Next set the library path as follows

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/ImportCertLinux/lib

  • Now run the application from the same directory


How to use this application

Before you use this tool you have to shutdown tomcat server and then restart tomcat server so that iManager can recognize newly imported certificate.

ImportCertLinux   [-c <certificate store path>]   <eDirectory Server IP>

 -c    Specify the certificate store path which is used by iManager.


// automatically detects the certificate store path

// manually specify the certificate store path
ImportCertLinux -c /usr/lib/java/jre/lib/security/cacerts


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