iPrintUp: Automatic Update of iPrint Drivers on Your XP/2000 Workstations


Are you having a hard time keeping all your workstations up-to-date with the right printer drivers?

Well, here is the solution to automatically do this. iPrintUp.

Once you upload a new driver to the Broker, and you assign the driver to a printer, the information in eDirectory about the printer will trigger an install of the new driver the next time a workstation logs on.

Read the manual (included) for all the details.

September 14th 2009:
New version 2.3.1
Now iPrntUp can write a log file (updated exe/dll/ini and manual).
Also removed some restrictions, the description field now can be used for other purposes too.
Better support for Windows 2000 workstations.
Corrected problem when driver already exists on the local machine.
Corrected problem when ipp printer didn't have a "driverversion".

October 1st 2009 Version 2.4.1
Extended log options.
Added better support for PrinterPropertiesPro users.


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