Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics with Nagios


This program can be used to check the number of ldap searches and errors on your eDirectory based ldap server. I queries the ldap server for its statistics and writes them to a temporary file. The next time it is started it gathers the new values and calculates the number of searches and errors per second till the last run and compares them against the warning and critical level.

This program is built to be integrated into Nagios which does the start of it frequently and can do the notification as well as graphing of the values. As it is just a simple linux bash script it might be used as a standalone command line tool or might be integrated in any other monitoring solution.

Please see the project homepage for detailed information about the check program:[p_view]=1118

Later on this year I will write some cool solution articles which show how to install the latest Nagios version and as a sample integrate this check program into it and create graphs based on the values of it.



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