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I have a NDS production tree and a NDS auth tree. The auth tree is used for iChain LDAP authentication. There is an OU=users in the auth tree. In the production tree there are many users OU's. With DirXML how do I sync only selected users from the production tree to the users OU in the auth tree?

I did this in an engagement a few weeks ago. Basically we check for an attribute (we used 'Generational Qualifier' since the customer didn't want to be tied to a snapin) to be set with a particular value in the create rule.

Basically, the stylesheet does 2 different things:

  1. It checks for the value of an attribute, before processing an ADD. If you create users in your Tree1, it requires that you enter the value 'P' in the 'Generational Qualifier' before copying the user to Tree2. (We chose that attribute because the customer wasn't using it, the stylesheet can be easily modified to use another attribute and/or value.)

  • When processing the ADD, it checks for the user's context and fills that info in an attribute (in the example, the attribute name is 'CorpTreePosition'). This is useful in a CorpTree-FlatTree scenario, if you need the user's position in the Corp Tree stored in your user in the Flat Tree. You need to extend the schema of both the Corp Tree and Flat Tree (using an AuxClass or extending the user's base schema). You also need to allow this attribute pass thru the DirXML driver filter.

This stylesheet is designed as an Output Transform, for the Subscriber Channel in a Hierarchical side of a FlatTree-DepartamentalTree environment.



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