We got this tip from Cool Solutions reader, Sami Kapanen, referring us to NWQuota to "use NetWare and volume space restrictions to restrict home directory size."

NWQuota is a small Windows 32 systray utility (distributed under GPL), which provides a simple way to monitor space restrictions on any Novell NetWare mapped drive. When the network drive steps some pre-defined thresholds, the systray icons changes from "OK-Green" to "Warning-Yellow", then after passing a second threshold it becomes "Danger-Red". It can also display the directory and/or volume restrictions in a nice windows progress bar, which makes the result understandable by anyone (which is not the case with ndir /spa ).

Because of the following two reasons, run NWQuota from the local hard drive of your workstation:
1. NWQuota holds the executable open at all times.
2. When the icon is showing 'green' - you have enough free disk space on the volume to meet the requirements as set up by the administrator snf everything is fine. However, if you go to either the 'yellow' or 'red' warning (getting short of volume space) then every time the icon flashes (once a second) NWQuota will download the icon info from the executable. This could potentially cause a significant amount of network traffic depending on how many of your users are affected.

NWQuota.exe supports French, English, German, and Dutch. If you want NWQuota displaying dialogs in another language, check the selection in "Regional Settings" of the Windows Control Panel.

English users, NWQuota will show English dialogs unless you are running a French, Dutch, German version of Windows.

If you find this software useful, please make a donation to the International Red Cross or another charity organization of your choice.



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