Hi guys, Hearby is an update for the tool: The purpose of this tool is to give some people rights to change passwords, reset grace logins and see some other information, without using ConsoleOne, NWAdmin or a Web-based solution. This tool is in Dutch and English.

I received a tip from a Novell person. They asked if I could redirect users to download the proper ocx and dll's from the Novell side. This way you always have the latest. See It's only needed to download the binaries and register the following binaries with regsvr32 or you could place them in the same directory as the changepass.exe.

Needed files:

First you unzip/unrar all the files into one directory.
Then you alter two files, which are: config.ini and settings.ini.

In settings.ini, you specify your Tree name and OU (just look at the already existing text inside the files), search in the subtree or not and show/hide fields.
If groups context field is deleted then the Add group browser will start from the Tree.
In config.ini, you write down every container which a user has access to. It could be only one or more.
You have to make sure the user has enough rights to do all the required tasks. This tool can only work if you have enough rights in NDS.
You also need a NetWare client (I use 4.9 for Win XP, but it also works on Win98).

When the tool is started you first select a location.
Then you specify some criteria to search for, or nothing to see everything inside the container.

Updated Changepass v5.0

Fast search if whole username is typed
Enable subtree search or not
Possibility to hide fields
Minor bug fix: Searching without arguments did not return any results

Updated Changepass v6.0

Add/remove Groups
Changed back color of fields that are not allowed to change
Update of settings.ini (add/remove groups visible or not and start context of groups)

Updated Changepass v6.5

Reprogrammed the search routine. Very fast searching, but only if you set the parameter subtree in settings.ini to: No

That's about it. I am always open for any questions or suggestions or just a word of thanx :-)!!

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