SELPATH allows you to load a file that redirects file references. This greatly helps making single user files work on a network by allowing you to redirect references to configuration files to your local disk. Not to be used to circumvent licensing.

SELPATH is a TSR that allows SELective PATH redirection of DOS 2 and above file accesses and provides logging of DOS file accesses. The program was written primarily to avoid the requirement to load multiple copies of licensed software onto a network system when only a few files need to be duplicated.

For example consider the case where you have multiple users who all use a program called LICPRG which has overlays etc., and takes up significant disk space, and LICPRG saves the user's printer and screen parameters in a file called LICPRG.DEF which must be in the same directory as LICPRG. Unless you are prepared to put up with the different users writing over the single LICPRG.DEF file, you must load a copy of the entire program for each user in his/her own directory. With SELPATH each user would load SELPATH before running LICPRG and instruct it to redirect references to LICPRG.DEF to a file called USERn.DEF different for each user. This approach could be used with Lotus, not to avoid license costs, only to save disk space:

123.CFG \mydir\123.CFG

to keep your own copy of the configuration (actually you can do this other ways).

SELPATH has other uses. For example, to avoid using the PATH command when you only need to access a single file in a directory, you could redirect the reference to that file.



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