QLL Reg Tool


Qll Reg Tool provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for system administrators to configure the registry settings for "*Quick Login/Logout Interface" of Novell Secure Login (NSL).

Now, the system administrators need not manually edit the registry settings. The tool makes the configuration foolproof and relieves all complications involved in manual configuration.
This is facilitated using the Quick Login/Logout Interface Settings dialog box.

Working with QLL Reg Tool

Unzip QllRegTool.zip and extract the files.
Run the QllRegTool.exe.
The Quick Login/Logout Interface Settings dialog box is displayed.
Specify the configuration settings according to your need.
Click OK.
The registry settings of Quick Login/Logout Secure Workstation are configured.

For further details, avail of the help provided along with the tool.

*The Quick Login/Logout interface is a Novell Secure Login workstation component that displays a dialog box showing the currently logged in user. This interface provides two buttons- a Lock Workstation button which invokes the Secure Workstation lock action and a Logout button which triggers the Manual Lock event configured in the policy. The QLL interface can be installed along with Secure Workstation component during Novell Secure Login install.


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