PcproxID Checker


Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.


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NMAS pcProx method is one of the login method supported by the Novell Secure Login. In order to use this login method, user has to configure his/her pcProx card via iManager plugin. However this configuration step is not as simple as it appears to be and there is no other way to verify if the ID for the user has been setup properly or not.

This tool provides the alternative way to check if the ID for the user has been configured properly. User can also verify if the pcProx ID has been stored in the right format (i.e 4 byte or 8 byte).

Note that one has to configure the pcProx ID for identification and authentication separately. This tool shows the pcProx ID configured for the user's identification only and not for authentication due to security reasons.

How to use this tool

  • Launch this tool on your system. You will see the dialog window as shown in the above figure.

  • Enter the server connection and authentication information.

  • Specify the full user DN whose pcProx ID you wants to verify.

  • Now press "Check ID" button to retrieve the information for the specified user.

  • In few seconds, user details along with pcProx ID, default NMAS sequence are displayed.


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