Upgrading to OES 2015 SP1—Easier Than Ever


Sometimes, doing any sort of server upgrade can be a time-consuming process.  That’s especially true if you are still using physical media and have to manually tend each machine during the upgrade process.  Well—with OES 2015 SP1, you can now use the patch or upgrade channel to do your upgrades. This should reduce the time it takes to get to the latest version of Open Enterprise Server.

In a new YouTube video, Lothar Wegner, an SE specializing in the File & Networking and Collaboration solutions from Micro Focus, shows you how this can be done.  He also explains which previous versions of OES you can do this channel upgrade from and walks you through some critical steps you’ll need to do to have the best experience.

Speaking of Open Enterprise Server 2015 SP1, here’s a short list of new and improved features that are included with this latest version:

    • Salvage / Purge support for CIFS users - Self-service file recovery and clean up capabilities are available over CIFS for both eDirectory and Active Directory users using the very light weight file access rights management explorer shell extension.


    • CIFS / SMB enhancements - Improved performance and interoperability with Mac clients.  Better performance overall.


    • Improved disk storage allocation policies - Enjoy contiguous disk allocation which significantly reduces fragmentation from happening in the first place. Get better read performance and significantly improved backup performance.


    • Policy-based purge - Automatically purge the files in the salvage system based on policies.  The policies today can be based on time or file extension or a combination of both.


    • NSS and AD Integration enhancements - We now support multiple AD forests and users in a trusted AD forest(s) can access NSS resources in a given forest. Further FTP support is also now available along with remote server navigation capabilities for AD users as well.


    • Auditing enhancements - Audit filters have been improved to allow for more granular audit logging.


    • Micro Focus branding – Micro Focus believes in Open Enterprise Server and wants you to know it.  It’s more than just a name change—it’s a commitment to the future of OES.

So make sure you watch the video today and when you’re ready— you can download the product and start your own upgrades!


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