Mass User Add for Groups


I created this a while back to add large numbers of users to a group when I got tired of manually adding 150 users for a new application deployment. This will allow you to select a text file and import all of the users from the file into a group (without using Ldif or another tool). It will search the tree for your group (and confirm the group) then it will confirm the user list before adding them to the group.

A couple things to mention:

  • The executable will unpack 3 (winbatch) .dll's when you launch it.

  • If you have multiple groups of the same name (different contexts) it will select the first one (I believe).

  • The delimeter for the users is CLRF (carriage return)

  • If you have any additional lines at the end of the text file the tool will hang (and eventually bomb) after adding the users.

  • This utility writes successes and failures to log files under C:\Temp.

I will include the Winbatch source for anyone who would like to check what this is doing behind the scenes. I cannot guarantee this won't bork up your network.


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