LSENDMAG - Wake On LAN - (SUSE Linux)


Module LSENDMAG is designed for remote turning on the workstations and other servers from the SUSE Linux server level. This program sends so called MAGIC PACKET to a computer which is to be switched on remotely.

This effect can be obtained provided that the mainboard of the managed computer has the WAKE ON LAN function and it is set in the BIOS to the value ENABLED.

1. Start LSENDMAG module:

The program can be executed immediately from a server console level or using CRON module it can turn on workstations and servers at the given moment. To start LSENDMAG program one should use the syntax as below:

LSENDMAG /aNetworkIPAddress /mMACAddress /pPortNumber


NetworkIPAddress - IP address of a network in which there is a remote computer that is to be turned on. This address should be given accordingly to the class of the network.

For the network ( A class ) one should give as a parameter address 10

For the network ( B class ) one should give as a parameter address 172.20

For the network ( C class ) one should give as a parameter address 192.168.1

MACAddress - 12-characters MAC address of a network card of the station to which is sent MAGIC PACKET.

PortNumber - IP port number of the remote computer. It is an optional parameter. While omitted the default value is set to 7.

2. Example of a program call:

      LSENDMAG /a10 /m003C5678D0AF
LSENDMAG /a172.20 /m00CD34567890 /p2000
LSENDMAG /a192.168.1 /m1234567890AF


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