SetAttributes for NIMS 3.1 on NetWare


There are whole teams at Novell that develops tools to add, modify, and remove information stored in NDS. These tools include BulkLoader, ICE, NLDAP, DIRXML, Novell Script etc. Here is still another tool to add to this collection. We (The NIMS team) don't really care which tool you use; we make this available to ensure that there is a quick and easy way to modify attributes in DS. Use the tool that works best for you.

This utility is provided as is, with no warranty whatsoever. To the best of my knowledge it performs the task it was written for. If it doesn't do what you want it to do, we will not fix or change anything. We are not responsible for damage.


This utility is really two utilities in one:

Utility 1:

It can be used to look for objects of a certain type in a certain container and write the matching DNs to a file. The following example searches for all user objects in the "server" context and writes the matching DNs in the sys:\users.lst file

setattr  write:\server dnlist:sys:\users.lst type:user

The users.lst produced when the above command was run on a test system is included in this zip file.

Utility 2:

It can also be used to set one or more attributes to specified values on multiple users. The following example sets the attributes defined in attr.dat on all the users listed in users.lst. Please notice that the output of example 1 is being used as the input for example 2.

setattr attr:sys:\attr.dat dnlist:sys:\users.lst

The attr.dat and users.lst used to run the above command on a test system is included in this zip file.



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