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Here's a tool called WSName that helps you change the name of workstations (both NetBIOS and Host) on Windows 9x and Win NT4. It is freeware. For more information see this article.

Operating Systems: Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, (not yet tested on Vista)

It has a growing list of command line functions such as a "Post Ghost" mode, Reverse DNS support, Rename workstations within a domain (W2K/XP only).


2.8 28 August 2006 Added the /EXCLUDEADAPTERS switch, in previous versions the code would exclude adapters with any of the following strings in the description: WIRELESS WLAN BLUETOOTH PPP VMWARE IPSEC.

Changed the version of UPX used for compressing the compiled code to 2.02

Removed IP address padding, in previous version all Octets would be padded to 3 characters, I thought this would be useful, I think I was wrong!

Added /NOSTRICTNAMECHECKING switch, using this switch relaxes the name checking rules, allowing pre Windows 2000 naming conventions to be used.

2.75j 26 April 2006 Added logic to ignore VMWARE and VPN adapters when using $MAC for Travers

2.75i 25 April 2006 Added logic to ignore WLAN adapters when using $MAC for Tim

2.75h 8 April 2006 Added logic to ignore Bluetooth adapters when using $MAC for Tim

2.75g 22 March 2006 Think I've sorted out the /deleteexisitng problem, thanks to Nick Payne for spotting the problem

2.75f 20 March 2006 More debug code, this time for the /deleteexisting switch

2.75e 13 March 2006 DSGetDCName wasn't working all the time, added additional logic to return the error code for tracking

2.75d 5 March 2006 Delete function still wasn't working as expected, problem only occurred when the user was logged in locally, added additional logic to fix this

2.75c 1 March 2006 Slight update to code, new delete function wasn't working as expected, added additional logging to track error

2.75b 19 February 2006 Added functionality to retry operation on rename in domain on error 8206 (AD is busy). Added new parameter (/DELETEEXISTING), this will attempt to delete a existing machine account when doing a rename in domain if a machine with the new name already exists

2.75a 29 January 2006 Changed command line macros from "%" to "$". Using "%" meant the command interpreter often stripped out the % and gave loads of people grief (I should have done this ages ago).

2.75 6 January 2006 Removed legacy calls to workstation manager that failed under ZENworks 7, removed "UNREG" functionality - this was superseded by zwsreg back in ZENworks 4, added some additional logging information when using the /RCID option

2.74n 20 November 2005 Added /LONGDNSHOST switch for Jay so long DNS hostnames can be used (Windows 2000 or better only). Tightened naming rules for computers running Windows 2000 or better, now only 'a-z', 'A-Z', '0-9' and '-' are valid

2.74m 19 November 2005 Added %ASSETTAG for Toni. Added logic to trap an exception error if WMI call was failing

2.74l 3 November 2005 Added %CURRENTNAME for Puhn. Added ability to use /MCN option without needing to change the computer name for Patrick

2.74k 27 October 2005 Added additional logic to string truncation routines to correct operation when specifying the same variable twice for Puhn

2.74j 10 October 2005 Modified the string truncation routine so you can specify truncation from left or right hand side for Puhn

2.74i 9 October 2005 Modified the %SERIALNUM call so it now queries WIN32_BIOS and if there is no serial number there it will now also look in WIN32_SystemEnclosure for Tammie

2.74h 10 September 2005 Added support for complex parameters to the /DFK for Michael

2.74g 2 September 2005 Added /IGNOREMEMBERSHIP for Remo Schwaller

2.74f 24 August 2005 Added %SERIALNUM

2.74e 23 August 2005 Added %MAKE and %MODEL options, removed a bunch of redundant code

2.74d 18 August 2005 Added logic to prevent renaming a machine that is joined to a Domain unless the /RCID option is specified

2.74c 12 August 2005 Reworked /SDL option to detect the Windows drive rather than assuming it was on drive C:, added support for longer labels on NTFS drives (did truncate to 11 chars for all drive formats)

2.74b 12 August 2005 Fixed case sensitivity bug where values were not being truncated as expected. Thanks to Adam Hauerwas for spotting this.

2.74a 8 August 2005 Internal code change to use different method for detecting Domain or Workgroup membership. No functional differences.

2.74 7 August 2005 Added functionally to support changing of Workgroup membership (/WG:) for Greg Jones. Removed NetWare client and Workstation manager information from the form - it's still in the code and details are in the logfile.

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