This software was designed to push files out from a local machine to a remote server. It requires a login file called (can change). And creates a log file called ftp.log

The prompt that is to be entered should look like this: "newput sys:/tmp/file.ext txdot-hq98/justatest -v-d". Where newput is the program name. The second argument is the location of the files to be pushed out and the third argument is the location on the remote server for the files.

This software also supports wildcard characters (ie. *) used within the filename. The last addition to the entry (fourth part) are commands, Which allow the user to (-d) delete the local file after it's pushed to the remote server, (-v) verify that the file pushed to the remote server is the same as the file on the local machine (not corrupt), (-e) which allows you to push out a file only if it doesn't already exist on the remote host, and (-r) which tells the program to retry 3x, in the case of problems (such as not being able to log onto the remote host). And (-mirror) which tells the program to mirror the selected folder (must use *.*).

These commands are to be grouped together (i.e., --v-d-r), but no particular order is necessary.



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