Stack Mapper


This utility is used as a front-end to the Novell Virtual Debugger. The GUI interface in this tool allows data to be reused, stored and manipulated a lot easier and more accurately than in a text based interface. It’s essentially an educational tool, originally written for my own use.

Using this utility, mapping the stack and reporting on a NetWare Coredump is make easy and accurate. Engineers are able to work on coredump notes in an editor of choice.

Finding the top or bottom of a function is quick and painless. Using the Return Checker to test all possible returns, add the parameters and locate the top of the previous function is a time-saver.

The reports are generated in a format which is easy to read, with additional information like the Modules version and Functions which modified the stack.

Someone accustomed to using the VDB should be able to find this tool useful, if only to generate an initial report after using the RET Checker.

The Stack Mapper is a aid to quickly generating a Stack Map Report. It can be saved and reloaded at a later time, so there is no need to complete the stack map in one session.

The actual process of identifying the root cause is still a manual one. In a live debugger there is now an “sw” command for stack.


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