Hotfix Installer 3.0e


Hotfix Installer is a tool for installing patches to end user systems with only one Application object. Using a central configuration file it will install Hotfixes and any post installation program defined. Customized end user display and progress messages. Works with Windows 2000 and XP. Can install multiple IE version patches, Office service packs, Hotfixes and service packs. Created entirely with Wise Wisescript Editor. Source code is available at

The program will launch, check to make sure the information file exists and then reads the information.

Based on the information found the program will then install the appropriate patch. It checks the system registry to determine if the patch is already installed and if not, then checks to make sure the target source file exists before executing the program. If the program does not exist it simply skips to the next hotfix listed.

This program requires the administrator to have good knowledge of the registry and how to install Microsoft Hotfixes and their individual command lines.

Changes from 3.0 to 3.0a:

  • Changed default log creation location to log directory under Hotfix Installer.exe
  • Added logging in the event the program file was missing.
  • Updated Manual to document logging information changes and log INI entry information.
  • Created tutorial with, best practices and walkthrough on creating and maintaining the INI file.

Changes to 3.0b:

  • Requested by Michael Keyes, Add option to display error message and pause for a response at completion if there is an error.
    haltonerror=yes in the INI_Info section will now display a custom text file to the end user and require a response to exit.
  • File to test error display text outside production environment included.

Changes to 3.0c:

  • Fixed error with compiler caused it to fail to properly recognize the target_os setting properly.

  • Added option to use patches.ini patch on the command line eliminating need for multiple directories. Requested by Bert Nieuwenampsen

  • Added date / time stamp to log entries. Requested by Bert Nieuwenampsen

  • Added option to place INI file location on the command line.

  • Changed logging option to place log under the patches.ini path when there
    is an error with the destination system.

  • Changed logging options for the INI errors to be the location where the
    executable is run from and is called Hotfix Installer..log

Changes to 3.0d:

  • Fixed skipping of 1st INI entry.

Changes to 3.0e:

  • Fixed shutdown support in XP on some systems. Thanks to Ronnie Loken of Norway for his patience and assisting tracking down the issue.


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