Vendor and Hardware Type Tagging 1.1


This program creates 2 registry keys located in

  1. HardwareType = 'Laptop' or 'Desktop'

    I get this by checking to see if 'Start' value under
    '\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Pcmcia' is set to Zero(0) and if so
    it is a Laptop.

  • VendorName = 'DELL' etc

    I get the Vendor by shortening the 'SystemBiosVersion' under
    'HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\' to the first space.

You only need to run this program once. Once the registry settings
are set you can use them with your ZEN applications. If registry key
equals DELL then run, etc.

I created this because ZENwork will only check for an exact
registry key string, not a 'start with' or 'contains'.

1.0 12/09/2005 Original submitted to Cool Solutions

1.1 14/09/2005 Fix extra space in Vendorname

      03/03/2005 Submitted 1.1 to Cool Solutions


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