RConsoleJ 6 for Linux


Modified work of Philip B Chase, RConsoleJ for Linux, which was created based on work by Eric Duncan. Follow the same instructions, as follows. Make sure files listed in script exist. Run rconj6 and enjoy the improved interface.

Abstract: This script uses components of ConsoleOne for Linux and the rconj for Windows to run rconj on Linux

How to use this script

  1. NetWare 6 must be installed

  • Make a directory ./rconj.
    • Unzip /sys/java_ins/rconj.zip from a NetWare 6 CD into ./rconj

  • Unzip /nw6sp2/sys/java_ins/rconj.zip from NetWare 6 SP2 into ./rconj

  • If your servers need an updated rconag6 use the resulting system directory to patch them. Otherwise delete ./rconj/system abd ./rconj/java as they're not needed.

  • Revise this script setting the values for RCONJ, C1, and MYJAVA as needed
    • RCONJ should point at the ./rconj directory you made in step 2.

  • C1 should point at the root of the ConsoleOne installation from step 1.

  • MYJAVA should point at a good JRE. You probably installed one as part of step 1.

  • Run this script and enjoy your freedom.


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