Blocking the SLES11 SP3 bundles flowing onto OES11 SP1 Servers via ZEN11 SP2


Problem Statement:

OES11 SP1 is supported on SLES11 SP2 and not supported on SLES11 SP3. If SLES11 SP3 bundles are applied on OES11 SP1 servers via ZEN11 SP2, the bundle installation will go through without any warning messages, which may break the OES11 SP1 Services and currently Novell does not support SLES11 SP3 as platform for OES11 SP1. To avoid this please follow the steps provided below to block the SLES11 SP3 bundles flowing onto OES11 SP1 Servers.

System Environment:

SLES11 SP2 with OES11 SP1 devices.


After mirroring the SLES11 SP3 Pool / Updates bundles, do the following changes to mirrored bundles.

    1. Log into ZCC.


    1. Click the Bundles option in the left pane.


    1. Now, browse through the appropriate folder and select the appropriate bundle (SLES11-SP3-Pool and SLES11-SP3-Updates).


    1. Go to the Requirements tab, add 3 filters. The following are the filters and the appropriate values which are to be set.Filters:

        1. Linux Distribution = SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 - x86_64

        1. Linux Service Pack <= 2

        1. File Exists - /etc/novell-release – No

      Note: To set the above filters, refer the screenshot of the filter settings at the end of the document.


    1. Apply the changes and publish the new version of bundles.


    1. Assign the newer version of the bundles to the devices.


    1. Refresh the devices and deploy them.

Note: This Cool Solution is valid until Novell certifies that OES11 SP1 is supported on SLES11 SP3 or OES11 SP2 gets released.


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