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LANboss is giving away our exceptionally useful Application Deployer which uses Novell ZENworks SnAppShots and deploys them locally, without needing to Login to NDS or run NAL. We hope that you will use the Deployer as it has really revolutionised our approach to image creation and workstation management.

Background - With the release of the 'NetWare Application Launcher' (or NAL), Novell created a whole new way of delivering applications and this has become a much respected part of the Novell product line up. With the advent of Ghost at around the same time, it quickly became possible to use them together to get standard base workstation builds and top them up with NAL deployed applications. No matter how you refine your workstation build processes, you are still left with a CD full of utility installations and setup.exe's to create the basic image. Every install takes time and a typical (second) build could take as long as a day using the above method on a new PC.

Why Deployer? - The SnAppShot tool and NAL deploy capabilities are excellent, but require you to Login and run up NAL to be able to add applications, which makes a mess of your 'clean' image. So, to still be able to deploy NAL SnAppShots, but without needing to Login or run NAL, LANboss has written the Application Deployer, which uses your .AXT file and accompanying .FIL files to deploy the application, in exactly the same way as NAL does. This makes the Deployer really useful for quickly adding an application, when you need it, even if you're on a train! LANboss has taken the concept one step further, by compressing the SnAppShot results directory into an .AZT file (Zipped AXT!). With this method, a standard local install of MS-Office 97 reduces to a single 39MB .AZT file and is 'deployable' directly from CD.

LANboss Application Deployer is a free of charge product, all you need to do to activate it is register on the LANboss Web Site and a License file will be sent to you. It comes with no guarantees but is still subject to our License Agreement. You will also be entitled to One Year of free minor version updates too!

NB: You still need to own a legitimate copy of Novell's ZENworks (SnAppShot portion) in order to create the original SnAppShot to deploy.

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