Parser to toptool logs


This tool is a combination of three tools to provide a solution to monitor and get the resource usage statistics of different server daemons. Toptool monitors the servers usage statistics like CPU, threads & memory usage. This tool is a parser to the log files created using the toptool, which then creates the graphs of resource usage against time also sorts the resources in respective files in descending order with timestamps.


  1. This parser is strongly tied to the log formats of toptool. If the output log formats are changed, then parser has to be modified.

  • There is a dependency on Perl Module GD:Graph for this tool to be able to draw graphs

I am including the toptool and the parser as well. This tool has been tested only on Linux.

The usage of tool is fairly simple:

invoke using - perl

This will prompt you to enter the directory path that contains the logs.

This tool will then recursively parse all the logs and give line graphs in PNG
image format & sorted data in text format as output.

Included files: and top-tool.tar.gz


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