Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 - Public Beta Now Available


Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 public beta build is available for download to all our customers starting today. A big thank you to all members of the OES community, partners, and customers who participated in the authorized beta program helping us build quality release. This release includes advanced security, hybrid Azure capabilities, and a dashboard for health monitoring among several other enhancements.

Advanced Security

Our customers need secure platform for their users to collaborate on data, and dispersed remote workforce poses a unique challenge for information security. This release includes advanced security capabilities like Secure Boot, Secure Communication, and Secure Event Management.

Secure Boot prevent malware from taking over your servers by allowing only trusted operating system and modules to load. All OES modules are now signed using a certificate and boot loader verifies that OES kernel is signed with a trusted key. You get the control to install trusted key ensuring only a valid copy of the operating system modules load on each server startup.

Secure Communication uses TLS 1.2 to safeguard OES network communication. Also, included is conditional multi-factor authentication and NCP encryption to protect access to highly sensitive data.

Integration with Micro Focus ArcSight helps monitor the file system events in real time for threat detection. It uses Common Event Format logging support in NSS introduced in the last release.

Hybrid Azure Capabilities

We are now allowing access to data on NSS volumes from workstations joined to an Azure Active Directory. When an Azure user access NSS AD over SMB protocol, we use trustee rights established for an equivalent on-premise Active Directory user to control data access.

Client for OES also support azure users login allowing access to cloud applications and NCP data from the same Azure Active Directory joined workstation.

Extend your on-premise print servers to Azure by enabling secure iPrint printers access to Azure users. It also honors multi factor authentication set for Azure users in your organization.

Health Dashboard

In this release, the Cloud Integrated Storage includes a health dashboard providing single pane monitoring of all servers and services in a deployment. Minimalist dashboard design aids in quickly identifying the service(s) causing access issues for your users.

For complete list of enhancements, please refer to the Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 release notes.

How To Get Started?

Your inputs greatly help us improve the quality of the release and we thank you for your support and feedback. Please join our Monthly Product Update Call to learn more about the release.

Try Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Public Beta:

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