Open Enterprise Server Bits on Micro Focus Marketplace


Many of us download OES and iPrint clients from the download site. It gives us the flexibility to plan server and client upgrades independently. It also acts as a repository for downloading older client builds, if required.

In our continuous effort to consolidate and provide uniform experience, we are migrating to a new platform, Micro Focus Marketplace.

We have a new category called Open Enterprise Server under AppDelivery Marketplace to host all OES related resources. We have made the Client for Open Enterprise Server builds available for now. We will post other OES bits in the future.


Some of the benefits of Micro Focus Marketplace:

  • Simple and easy to use web interface
  • One-stop shop for all your Open Enterprise Server client binaries
  • Sign up to become a developer to publish your apps and tools related to OES alongside Micro Focus apps
  • Rate and review your downloads anytime

The Marketplace community gives all of us an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and learn new features.

Register today to get access to all the above resources and more. Once registered, please subscribe to Open Enterprise Server so that you get notified whenever we post new content.

Please try out the new platform for downloading OES bits and share your feedback in the comments below.

Thank you!



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