Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 is now live!


The much-awaited Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 release is now out and available to you over the channel and download sites.

Thanks to all our beta customers who helped us improve the quality of the release. If you did not receive the invitation, please send me a note on oes at microfocus dot com; we will ensure to invite you in to our future beta programs.


How to Get Started?


The easiest way to get Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 update is over the Update Channel. You can also download the ISO from Software Licenses and Download (SLD) portal for offline media upgrades and new installations.

The SLD portal also include the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP6 build. Apart from the SLD portal, the Client for Open Enterprise Server builds are also available over the Marketplace.

If you are an iPrint Appliance user, then the iPrint Appliance 4.2 update is available to you over the Update Channel. Also, the iPrint client for Windows and macOS builds are coming to Marketplace soon.


What are the top reasons for you to upgrade to OES 2018 SP3?


Product Improvement Program

  • Help us, help you by opting in for anonymous sharing of usage statistics


Hybrid Storage with Cloud Integrated Storage

  • Access files on cloud backed NSS volumes from anywhere and on any device using Micro Focus Filr
  • Faster data migration with auto throttling and two-pass migration
  • Monitor health of any Open Enterprise Server service using Health Dashboard


Advanced Security

  • Secure NCP with conditional encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Protect your network with TLS 1.2 communication
  • Monitor file system access using Micro Focus ArcSight
  • Secure boot (UEFI) support ensure only trusted OS boot up and prevent malware gaining control of the system


Performance Improvement

  • Faster SMB file access over LAN and WAN with support for Directory Leases
  • Faster resource migration with delayed cache clean-up
  • Faster file access with NCP encryption with support for CPU affinity


Better virtualization support with VMware

  • Host clustered NSS resources on VMware backed by VMDK or vSAN storage


Secure and manage devices using Domain Services for Windows (DSfW)

  • Join and manage macOS devices in DSfW domain
  • Secure workstation login with additional factors of authentication using Advanced Authentication
  • Provision DSfW users and groups in Micro Focus Filr for file access from anywhere and on any device


Extend your on-premise iPrint server to Azure

  • Provide Azure users access to iPrint printers with capabilities like walk-up printing and badge release
  • Protect access to secure iPrint printers with additional factors of authentication provided by Azure
  • To learn more, watch the recorded webinar here.


Manage sensitive data and drive adherence to govt regulations


Secure and robust infrastructure

  • Built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5
  • Includes eDirectory 9.2.4


Usability Improvements with Client for OES

  • Custom Branding with Multi-Language Support
  • Azure based Active Directory Login
  • Salvage and Purge Enhancements for Search Filters and Search Subdirectories
  • Protect access to sensitive data with multi-factor authentication and encryption

and includes many fixes to customer reported issues and stability improvements…


We also discussed the Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 release in the following webinars


Please share your observations and feedback through comments below. We look forward to your feedback on the enhancements and new capabilities in this release.

To learn more on this release and changes coming in the future, please register to the Monthly Product Update Webinar by following this link.


Stay Safe.


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Comment List
  • I think it would be a better way to deliver OES2018SP3 online as a public downloadable file. An Activation code might be sold by the customer portal as a request. So VMWare does, so Symantec, so SUSE. I don't know anyone who want OES2018SP3 as a Open Source product, anyone would pay a regular price for business software this quality and availability. Just put in a price and it would be sold  more than Windows Server software just because it is so much better in all ways, security, handling, management...