Windows 11 and macOS Monterey Support - Now Supported!


UPDATE: We now support the Client for Open Enterprise Server, NFARM, CIS Client, and iPrint Client shipped with OES 2018 SP3 on Windows 11.

Also, we support the NFARM and iPrint Client shipped with OES 2018 SP3 on macOS Monterey. The CIS client for macOS shipped with OES 2018 SP3 Update 1  supports macOS Monterey.

Microsoft announced availability of Windows 11 earlier this week on new devices and roll out over time to in-market devices. On a similar note, the macOS Monterey scheduled for release later this year.

Before we jump to the OES compatibility, let's quickly understand various desktop clients available on OES:


Client for Open Enterprise Server

Client for Open Enterprise Server provides access to the on-premise or cloud files on OES over the NCP protocol on Windows platform. It allows administrators to manage eDirectory user/group rights on NSS volumes and let's users manage their deleted files on server, if enabled. If you haven't already noticed the builds are available for download on the Micro Focus Marketplace.


OES File Access Rights Management (NFARM) Utility

NFARM helps in eDirectory and Active Directory rights and quota management from Windows and macOS platforms over the SMB2/3 protocol. It also includes ability to manage deleted files in a SMB2/3 only deployment. The utility is bundled with the media and it's updates are shipped over the familiar OES update channel.


Cloud Integrated Storage(CIS) Client

CIS client helps in setting up managed devices that are allowed to download and access cloud files. It can also detect and prevent unwarranted downloads by applications and OS thereby reducing the number of cloud files recall. Like NFARM, CIS client for Windows and macOS are bundled with OES media and OES channel includes its updates.


iPrint Client

iPrint client is the gateway for desktop printing when using iPrint Advanced on OES or iPrint Appliance. It helps administrator manage drivers and lets users print to any physical or virtual(WalkUp) printers on Windows and macOS platform. iPrint client for Windows and macOS are also available over the Marketplace(soon) as well as the media/update channels.


Windows 11 Compatibility

We are testing with the latest clients (shipped with OES 2018 SP3) on Windows 11 early builds and found no issues so far. However, the latest Windows 11 build has stricter hardware requirements and the testing on supported latest hardware is in progress. We will update this article once the testing is complete.


macOS Monterey Compatibility

We found the latest clients (shipped with OES 2018 SP3) working as expected on the preview builds of Monterey. However, we have experienced disruptive changes between macOS builds in the past and expect the same with Monterey. We are constantly updating our lab systems with latest available macOS builds and plan to offer support from the day of Monterey release.


In addition, we are also validating client-less (SMB2/3) access from Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. We shipped OES 2018 SP3 earlier this year and thanks to those who have already installed the update. If you haven't already, see my previous article on top reasons for upgrading to OES 2018 SP3.


Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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