Kanaka for Mac 3.0 Now Available


Micro Focus has released an update to its popular macOS access software-Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac 3.0. Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac provides Mac macOS users automated single login access to NetIQ eDirectory storage resources through flexible login options. The Kanaka Plug-in component allows users to simultaneously log in to macOS and mount storage resources through a single username and password. The Kanaka Desktop Client allows users to access network storage resources after they have logged in as a local user to macOS.

Rebranded Interface

This is the first Kanaka for Mac version to implement the Micro Focus branding elements. These are most apparent in the login, management, and installation interfaces. In some cases, the names of files and folders have changed to reflect the new product name.

 Rebranded Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac login interface.

Support for macOS Sierra

When Apple introduced macOS Sierra in September 2016, the new operating system included a bug that prevented the Kanaka Plug-in from automatically mounting storage resources without prompting the user for their username and password. Apple fixed the bug in the new release of macOS Sierra 10.12.4.

Updated Product Documentation

The product documentation has been thoroughly reviewed and updated with new information on generating certificates and upgrading from version 2.x.

How to Get Kanaka for Mac 3.0

Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac is available for download through the Customer Care Portal or through the product download site.


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