Knowledge Document: Unable to log into a shared folder using AFP Protocol



OES 2018 SP3


User "user1" is residing under "tech.LAB" context
 "File Server 1" is also residing at "tech.LAB" context
 "User1" is able to access file share on "File server 1" as they are on the same context
 "Files Server 2" is residing at "dev.LAB" context
 "User1" would like to access the file share on "File Server 2" but unable to do so.

Errors indicated on AFP Logs
2022-08-16T13:40:03.163409+05:30 dev.lab afptcpd[18719]: Created session: 20 <0x7fc3dc004ed0>, Socket: 46, Total sessions: 3

2022-08-16T13:40:03.189157+05:30 dev.lab afptcpd[18719]: [error] AFPEpollRemove: Epoll failed to delete fd - 38. Error - 2
2022-08-16T13:40:03.189378+05:30 dev.lab afptcpd[18719]: Closing session: 15 <0x7fc3dc0037b0>, Socket: 38
2022-08-16T13:43:02.039591+05:30 dev.lab afptcpd[18719]: [error] Error while receiving the data from client, session: 20 <0x7fc3dc004ed0>, socket descriptor: 46, client IP:, errno: 110. Closing the connection


Hence, user1 is residing under "tech.lab" and unable to login/authenticate to the file share on "File Server 2".

1.  On "File Server 2" change the context to do recursive/subtree search as "o=LAB" in "/etc/opt/novell/afptcpd/afpdircxt.conf file".

 2. Once the change has been completed, restart the AFP service on "File Server 2"
#rcnovell-afptcpd restart

 This should let the user "user1" under "tech.lab" context be able to login/authenticate to "File Server 2"

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