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Hi All,

Since updating my cluster to OES 2023 Update 3 my clustered DNS config would comatose.

Running NOVELL-NAMED with -f displays the error message critical: Volume OESDNS is not a cluster resource

Is anyone able to shed some light on what the issue may be?

Thanks, Scott.


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    For all

    my problems are fixed

    NCS enviroment DNS , error 13 no access

    Problem was AppArmor

    Fix : aa-disable novell-named

    DHCPD, no interface entry in /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd

    Start dhcpd, no interface

    edit the file and put eth0 into the file

    got the error, "no group"

    found that the local dhcpd user in passwd has no group !

    So the user was not allowd to read the file as "world"

    add the group "nogroup" to the user

    then the dhcpd can read the /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd

    and start dhcpd successfull



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  • To our surprise this issue exist also with the current OES patch level Update 4!
    Is there any solution available for this issue?

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    I have an even weirder one for you. One of the cluster nodes stopped working for dns after going doing the latest updates to 2023. It had been running just fine. Another server with that had broke with dns when went to 2023 and I just did not sun that service on that node in the cluster. I did the latest updates to that node a couple days ago and now that server runs dns service fine. So no I have 1 that has yet to break. I have one that did work and is now broke and a third that was broke that the patches fixed. Figure that one out. LOL

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    Same problem, different error, eroor 13, na access

    I have an open case on this , it is going to development

    got also other nice things with OEs2023 , have four cases open

    dhcpd, no entry in /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd, the hint you will find does not help

    iprint in cluster with adv iprint, switchback to standard /ipp page does not work


  • Ughhh!!! Same thing here. I updated one node and it will no longer start the service. The node not updated is still running dns fine.