Workshop at TTP event: Cryptography Workshop, 16th July 9am – 4pm


Sunday 16th July 9am – 4pm

Cryptography Workshop

Presenter: Aaron Burgemeister

Learn real cryptography, not cryptocurrency, through this workshop designed to explain the theory, and practical examples, of TLS/SSL in IT.

Current issues encountered regularly will be examined, from the simple HTTP client (web browser) and basic certificate rotation through understanding how to configure a truststore for a Java application, and being able to prove it works independent of the application running within Java.

Bring your favorite Linux distribution (SUSE or RedHat are known best, but others likely work the same way) to dive into figuring out the applications within understanding TLS/SSL natively. A thorough review of different file formats, conversions among them, and analyzing certificate data will be included giving you the tools needed to implement the same in your own environment.

Bring (or better yet, send in ahead of time) questions, problems, issues, etc. to discuss as a group. Email:

The draft agenda for the main conference can be found HERE and you may register for the Conference HERE. We are waiting on a few minor updates to the agenda and the online files will be updated as soon as we have them.


Attendance at the weekend workshops is not dependent on you attending the full conference week and these require a separate registration using this LINK.


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