30,000 points!

Looks like I hit a nice milestone today!

30,000 points for articles! For those of you who are not aware, you get awarded points for content (based on the length of the article) that you can redeem for all sorts of interesting goodies.

To see the list of what points earn, look at:

You can get a feel for how much an article earns if you look at the weekly top ten list. It is rare to have more than 2 articles published a week.

25,000 is enough for a trip to Hawaii, but I have been using them as I earn them for neat toys and tricks. (Got my wife a laptop, continue getting kitty Prozac for my neurotic scaredy cat (Her name is Ishkabibble, with a name like Ishkabibble wouldn't you be neurotic too?), all sorts of baby toys for our newborn, and household things via Amazon gift certificates!)

So here is my call to everyone reading this! Come on in, join the fun, contribute.

If you have something to say, consider saying it. You never know, someone may find it interesting.

Just attached some pictures of Ishkabibble:

Before the kitty Prozac, and after the kitty Prozac.

You can see why I need to keep writing!


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    I'm envious... I've done about 3,000 points lifetime. Good articles can be time-consuming to put together.

    If you're sitting on the fence about whether the effort is worthwhile, do the math: If 100points gets you a $15 dollar Gift Certificate (Amazon, LLBean, others), each point is worth $0.15.

    Surely your 1040 form reflects your $4,500 in additional earnings? ;-)

    Cheers, and keep up the great input!!

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    I R sorry, you are right. If a cat is in a small environment it is wise to seek for the best solution. Please excuse me for writing a concerned message before reading books about cats!

    In case you are concerned, it is called Feliway, which is pheromone that is dispensed into the air via atomizers (like Glade plugins here in the US)


    It really works to calm her down. She gets very edgy when it runs out. She is an indoor cat, all her life, so out is not an option (diseases, racoons, cars, etc). I did not entirely believe it when my wife told me that it worked, but you can see the difference when we run out of it.

    We just call it kitty Prozac. Thanks for the concern.
    As I happen to go and fetch a cat from the animal asylum tomorrow, and I'm a new Suse user, this coïncidence urges me to respond.

    I have never heard of anyone giving a cat a tranquilizer.

    On the first picture I see a cat that's alive. On the second I see a blurry cloud.

    It doesn't look scaredy to me! Maybe it wants to go outside sometimes (which I know is not possible everywhere).

    I hope you'll find a better solution than just pulling the plugs out with prosick. Good luck!

    Sorry for this interruption of the celebration but hey, animals first, no?

    I'm stuck at #5. :(

    Congrats Geoff!

    We're looking forward to a lot more years of great content from you, Geoff. Your articles are insightful, technically accurate, and replete with the whiff of authenticity. It's clear you know your stuff, and what's more -- you even know how to write about it lucidly.

    We're all very glad you have a cat with ongoing needs....