Four New File Management Suite Videos Posted on YouTube


Novell launches a big File Management Suite campaign this week with the introduction of four videos already posted on YouTube. These videos expose, in a humorous way, some of the problems that result from the exponential growth of files on the network--the problems that the Novell File Management Suite addresses.

The four videos and links are:

"Control the Chaos" -
"Forget the Flash Drives" -
"Don't Delete" -
"Ditch the Ice" -

The release of these videos are just the introduction to the campaign. More great stuff is coming this week.



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Comment List
  • Besides insulting one's intelligence, these commercials have no point. When the show is over, I still don't know what product Novell has to solve my file management issues, what platforms it supports, how scalable it is, or why I (with no files hanging around from 1993 or personal mp3's on my servers - by administrative edict) would have any use for such a thing.

    Looks like my favorite company has done it again: shot themselves in the foot.

    Sorry, guys, but these are as lame as the old IBM "Totally Warped way to run your computer" nonsense to define OS/2 Warp (which was so code-named - then released - as a play on Paramount's copyrighted Star Trek reference to "warp speed," referring to the faster, more efficient use of the CPU via multithreading, and had nothing to do with "warping" anything).

    Just bring back NetWare and focus on file & print and the OneNet philosophy. How this stuff is *ever* going to dig us out of the hole is beyond me... A complete waste of time and resources.
  • The poor lost files was funny, but too slow. Though the one with all the USB thumb drives was great :"Stop, Those aren't Lego!" was my favorite line.