Have You Heard About the Cluster Service Promotion for OES 2015?


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In case you haven’t heard the news, a new version of Micro Focus’s Open Enterprise Server 2015 (OES 2015) has hit the market. It is the next-generation version of the widely popular Open Enterprise Server network resource management platform.

OES 2015 comes with much more storage capacity (up to 8 exabytes, vs. 8 terabytes), as well as access to Novell Storage Services (NSS) for Active Directory users, SMB version 2 protocol support, and many more features that you can read about here.

Here’s one cool reason why you should upgrade to OES 2015: Through a special Cluster Service promotion for Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Master License Agreement (MLA) customers, Micro Focus will provide four additional cluster nodes for no additional cost if you purchase list-price maintenance on the additional nodes. While OES 2015 customers do receive an entitlement for an unlimited number of two-node clusters upon sign-up, additional clusters must be purchased for an additional fee. So this is a great deal whereby you get more cluster nodes for less money than if you purchased them individually.

What is Cluster Service? This solution works in conjunction with OES 2015 to streamline storage-area network resource management. It allows end users to manage resources using any Java-enabled Web browser from any Internet small computer system interface or fibre channel. Cluster Service offers scalability for additional storage needs, as well as around-the-clock access to data and network resources; it also reduces overall storage management costs. What’s more, the service will allow you to connect as many as 32 OES Linux or NetWare servers in a single cluster.

For more information about the promotion, click here.

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