Using Active Directory? Now You Can Leverage Novell Storage Services (NSS) in OES 2015


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If you’re familiar with Open Enterprise Server (OES) and the accompanying NSS file storage service from Micro Focus, then you’re most likely aware that, up until recently, NSS was reserved for eDirectory users only.

After reviewing feedback from our customers, however, we learned that the lack of NSS support for Active Directory users was problematic for enterprises operating in mixed directory environments. Most organizations, after all, operate with hybrid Active Directory and eDirectory architectures.

With this in mind, in the latest version of OES—OES 2015—you will find expanded, native access to NSS for Active Directory users and eDirectory users alike. Both directories, in fact, can now have simultaneous access to NSS as well as equal access to a full range of services. For instance, both environments will gain expanded security support. Active Directory users will be able to leverage single sign-on and the Kerberos network authentication protocol, which offers secret-key cryptography; eDirectory users, for that matter, gain the CIFS and NTLMSSP security protocols.

Active Directory users will also gain access to management features like a shell extension for Explorer, which can streamline Trustee management, grant file and folder permissions and manage quotas, as well as standard Active Directory and storage tools.

It should also be noted that the Active Directory can be supported on both new and old volumes, for added convenience.

In short, by supporting Active Directory in NSS, OES 2015 now offers enterprises a tremendous amount of value as it allows for simpler, consolidated directory management. Click here to learn more about how your organization can benefit from OES 2015.

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