OES 2018 SP2 Update 1 is now Available!


Here is a quick recap of the OES 2018 SP2 Update 1 and iPrint 4.1 Patch 1. For more details on OES 2018 SP2, see this.



The OES and iPrint updates are available over an update channel. It is also available on our patch finder site here(for OES) and here(for iPrint), if required.

The latest iPrint desktop clients and the client for OES builds are also available on our download site.


Key Highlights:

  1. NSS for AD
    1. novell-ad-util now supports adding/removing additional SPNs for a computer object
  2. iPrint Advanced/iPrint Appliance
    1. Update OrientDB to 3.0.30 for improved stability and reliability
    2. Configurable Driver Store worker threads
    3. Configure SAN as part of certificate generation for better browser compatibility
  3. Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)
    1. Improved cluster support and scalability
  4. FTP
    1. FTP remote server navigation now supports SMB protocol
  5. Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP 5
    1. Support for latest Windows 10 update (2004 update)
    2. Better handling of password expiration scenarios

Please write to us on OES@microfocus.com if you have any comments or feedback.


Stay Safe!


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