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Here is tool plus the code, if someone could try it on another Novell system to make sure it work would be good, I've tested it at work and we deploy 130 MFD's to about 5000 computers with it.

Just to tell you how easy this was to do, I had a look a the Novell Web site and found the article, "Installing iPrint Printers via a Batch File and ZENworks". So what I did in one afternoon on the weekend is write a quick and nasty install tool.

What it does

It lists the installed printers on a system, when you select one and 'Snap' it, the settings are saved into a file with an extension of .DAT. I do replace the slashes '\' in the NDPS queue name with commas ',' so that it can besaved onto the file system. Basically you end up with this tool and a bunch of files for your printers in your directory on the server.

To install a printer startup the SNAP tool, select a print from the list, if it was an NDPS printer the OS will go to Novell and get the drivers (if configured on the server) and then it will apply all the settings and you are done. If the drivers are not on the server or it was a local printer then the OS will prompt you for them.

Command Line

To install a printer - SNAP /install \\tree\Printer_name.ou.o <file:///\\tree\Printer_name.ou.o>

To snap a printer - SNAP /snap \\tree\Printer_name.ou.o <file:///\\tree\Printer_name.ou.o>

Use it with ZENworks

A group of users usally have a commonly mapped drive say (G:), create a directory on this drive say (G: \Printers) put a copy of snap in this directory. Then create a ZEN application that points to (G:\printer \snap.exe) and display the icon if the EXE is found. The directory will grow with printer setups as you add printers and all users will see these new printers and can install them on demand.

Conditions of use

  • I give no warranty.

  • I accept no liability for any damages or lost of data.

  • You use it at your own risk.

  • The user accepts all responsibility for any damage or legal expenses.


Please report any faults or suggestion to me via email.


Written in Delphi 7

Originally written on the 11/6/2004 ver 1.00

Modified for my company only restricted via IP 13/8/2004 ver 1.04

Released as Registered freeware 2/2005 ver 2.00

Re-release and submitted to Novell 03/03/2006 ver 4.00

Ps. Make sure the machine you snap has all the printer trays, etc setup first.


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