Resolving DDNS Updates Failure After DHCP Migration from NetWare to OES


After migrating to OES DHCP server, you must delete the forward (A) and its PTR records which are created by NetWare DHCP server before a DDNS update is done. The following script deletes the forward (A) and its corresponding PTR records by reading the migrated DHCP lease db file.

Script Syntax:

./ -l <lease_file>  -s <dns_server> 

Note: Using the -l option, you must specify the lease file of the DHCP server that is migrated to Linux

The example of command line execution of the script is:

./ -l ./dhcpd.leases -s


Before executing this script, you must ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

a) requires Migrated DHCP lease DB file

b) In DNS server side, "allow-update any" should be enabled in forward & reverse zones.

  1. Login to DNS/DHCP  management console

  • Select forward/reverse zone > control tab

  • Select "allow-update any" option

  • restart rcnovell-named service.

Important: After executing this script, you must delete empty objects from the eDirectory. To do this, you must execute the following command:

dns-maint -d <LDAP host name> <LDAP port number> <Admin DN> <Secure LDAP or Not (0 -> non-SSL, 1->SSL)> <Read from Locator (0->No, 1->Yes)> <Locator FDN> 

Example execution of the command is:

dns-maint -d 636 cn=admin,o=novell 1 1 cn=DNS-DHCP,ou=DNSDHCP,o=novell



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