Icons Fix for NAL 2.5


I have developed a fix for the scrambled icons problem with NAL 2.5. It is very simple and ICONFIX.AOT will give you the application template you need to implement it in just a few minutes.

The fix is based on the free TWEAKUI power tool utility available freefrom Microsoft on their website. When you download this utility, do not install it. The file you download is a self-extracting archives that contains about five files. The file TWEAKUI.CPL is the control panel icon for TWEAKUI, but it is essentially a specially formatted .DLL file.

Copy the TWEAKUI.CPL file to a publicly accessible location on your network (SYS:PUBLIC or whatever) and rename it to ICONFIX.DLL (you can call it whatever you want, but you will have to modify the application object you create with ICONFIX.AOT).

Create the application object and replace the LOCATION macro with the UNC path of the location you put the file. Associate the application with some or all of your users (if you want to test it associate it with a subset). In the group, context, or user Applications page where you associated it, change the options to Force Run, and make sure the rest are unchecked. This way the program will run only when NAL Explorer gets started up and the user will never see it appear anywhere.

If your workstations don't always use C:\Windows as the default location for Windows 95, you can replace the path to RUNDLL32.EXE with the appropriate fixed path or macros. You can copy RUNDLL32.EXE to the network if it makes sense. This might be more reliable if you have varying configurations of Windows 95.



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